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In general:

Tears in the dream can refer to emotional freeing and cleaning. If the dreaming cries in the dream, he does not have in the awake state maybe the possibility to give to his feelings. If another dream figure cries, this is to be known as a request to the dreaming how to think about his own behaviour and about it whether it is measured. Tear can point to feeling wealth, self-pity or depressions. The internal tensions sometimes thereby free themselves also, above all with people which cannot cry in the everyday life releasing. See one tears with others, should point to a happy event.


If the dreaming cries in his dream, wakes and notes that he really pours tears, this refers to an injury or to a trauma. Only because of that maybe it has come to the surface, so that the dreaming on the plane of consciousness has dealt with it.


Injury and sympathy can water symbolise, at the spiritual level it is as a rule about the latter.



  • pour: unexpectedly experience joy, - get unexpectedly good news. (19, - 64)

(European ones).:

  • search for an internal release and reassurance,
  • see or pour: meant joy and luck after a sorrowful time.


  • unexpected joy.

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