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It is the place of the cleaning and debt freeing. In the positive, the vision is felt as pleasant, then one undergoes with pleasure the conscience relief or has already done it and now draws a deep breath. If the vision causes disagreeable feelings or even fear, a purification of messy relations and squalid relations is overdue.



  • a bath see standing in the room: Infidelity,
  • take in bath: you are released from an illness, - you overcome a worry, - also: You have done something which was not right, - it puts again in order.

(European ones).:

  • one should be contented with him what comes up before the hand,
  • have a bath in one of marble: happy surprise after a serious illness,
  • have a bath in one of zinc: one does not come out of his relations,
  • have a bath in a cast-iron-enamelled: the situation in the life makes amends,
  • lie in a hot bath: an illness or difficulties become apparent, - the water is clear in the tub: a danger will pass.
(See also have a bath, bathroom, tub)

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