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In general:

With a tourist it concerns in the dream mostly a person who does not know her surroundings. If the dreaming himself is the tourist, he must argue under this point of view closer with himself. If another dream figure is the tourist, should attack of the dreaming thoughts as he can better help other people.


If the dreaming spends himself in his dream as a tourist, he must realise the fact that he disposes though of the necessary knowledge to follow the employment which he wishes that he has decided internally, nevertheless, already against them.


At the spiritual level the tourist is similar in the dream to the hermit.



  • of happy-go-lucky be there.

(European ones).:

  • be: one will devote himself to a pleasant thing which brings to a change of the everyday life,
  • see: if lively, but unfinished shops and emotional doubts give notice in the love in.


  • see: you have heavy grief.

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