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In general:

If the dreaming is killed in his dream, this symbolises as a rule that he gets under an external influence which does not retain him or a part of his personality in the everyday life any more. If he himself kills another person in the dream, he tries to escape from the influence which this person about him exerts. Kill Can (murder) suppressed feelings and similar psychic contents symbolise which one should admit again.


Killing is an extreme reaction to a problem. If such a final action takes place in the dream, it can often symbolise the need of the dreaming for the power (particularly those which is directed against himself). Maybe it seems to the dreaming in a certain situation in such a way that the only possible solution of a problem consists in it 'to kill' a part of itself.


At the spiritual level resembles Kill in the dream of the Darbringung of a victim.



  • beat to death: your rage brings you only frustration.


  • No good sign, actually, one of the worst ones. To kill in the dream, believes that a time of the biggest mental conflicts approaches which can be mastered only by constant introspection and Unbeirrbarkeit. To be a witness of a homicide, announces joyless changes - the death of a beloved person could approach. In general the sign wants to appeal for thinking about the death, the death and killing. (Man

(European ones).:

  • kill a helpless person: it announces to itself grief and failure in the matters,
  • commit one: one will suffer by the negligence more different big humiliations and torment, - that sombre sphere will prepare for being close people unexpectedly worries,
  • kill in self-defence: if victory and rise promises in a better position.

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