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Dead person


To indicate alike like 'death'. A dead person in the dream stands often as a symbolic figure at the end of a period of life which gave to the dreamer some worries which he could overcome, however, with the support more different.


If one sees dead people only, without one does something appreciable or suffers, this means, one will come to a situation which corresponds to the relation in which the dead people at her lifetimes were towards the dreaming, - they were pleasant or beneficent, they mean luck and a pleasant life in the present, - if not, the opposite. Misfortune brings it if dead people take somewhat of the gifts which one lays with in the grave. To most disastrous ones they are if they tear clothes, money or food in themselves, - then they prophesy to the dreaming or one of his relatives the death. If they rob of something other, one has to meet the interpretation after the principle of the resemblance. Even if the dead people give something, they are of bad premeaning, unless, they donated food, money or clothes. Reviving dead people mean excitement and losses. Since accepted the case, them would come to life again what mess would arise from it. As can be thought, they will claim back her property, and thereby there originate losses. Death dead people the second spot, they indicate the death of namesakes or of same-disposed people or from the narrowest relatives, so that it seems, the same would die twice. To wines and complaints around a dead person or somebody else and the grief prophesy joy about a little bit and a future sense of achievement, namely quite consistently and for good reason, - then our soul has something related with the atmosphere surrounding them and the external aerial circle. As well as in the atmosphere and the aerial circle a change enters into the opposite, from stormy weather to cheerful and again from cheerful to stormy ones, our mental mood of pain hits quite of course in desire and joy, and from joy in pain around. Hence, joy, turned in her opposite, pain registers. However, always, however, occasion and reason for the grief must exist, because the groundless one meant, one will really mourn for somebody. The kisses of a dead person are for a sick person is fateful, - it prophesies to him the death, - the dream registers a healthy, he will carry on no important negotiations in the immediate present because his lips touched a dead person. If one kisses dead people who were especially dear to one at her lifetimes and pleasant, this is neither for the talking nor for an otherwise plan of disadvantage.



  • see: Friends acquire,
  • in the bed: Warning of illness,
  • in the coffin: you will file a bad quality,
  • dig out: you are too curious,
  • dig: you make with a non-answered dear end,
  • get up again: you have forgotten something important,
  • see coming to life: you will get contact to too many people,
  • kiss: Tears pour,
  • with them speak: you get a good advice,
  • see crying: your enterprise brings you danger,
  • see laughing: you give yourself unnecessary troubles,
  • turn round: Quarrel and annoyance around an inheritance.

(European ones).:

  • see a dead person living in the dream: announces that one should become to his desolation again man,
  • see father or speak: one plans a little promising action, - one should watch out to enter contracts, - one is surrounded by enemies, - the call is in danger,
  • see mother: one left his inclination to cruelty and wickedness towards the cocreature no free run,
  • a brother, members or friend see: one will appeal to the mildness and goodness of one,
  • vividly and happy dead people: one admits wrong influence in his life which brings to a material damage, unless, one begins with all his willpower against it,
  • a conversation with a late relative who wants to wring a promise from one: if grief promises, unless, one respects this warning.


  • dig out: danger,
  • threatens you
  • operate with them: good sign, - you will collect many experiences,
  • in the coffin: a passion will stop,
  • see waking again: Quarrel because of inheritance,
  • see dying once again: Loss of a friend,
  • lay to rest: you must fulfil obediently your duty,
  • on the battlefield see: Grief.
(See also corpse, death and under single relative's names)

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