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have a bath

Associations: - Let go cleaning,-. Question: - What would like I to wash from myself?


The water in the bath reflects mental energy. Quite a lot of already had a bath in the dream, before he began a new period of life. Here the purge process of the soul is demanded what can mean that the dreaming has the need to clean himself mental-spiritually of old depressing feelings, itself to recovers, to refresh and to be relaxing what points to more favorable relations in the future. Near Baden he has the opportunity to reflect on the past events and on new behaviour patterns. Besides, the following accompanying circumstances are often to be considered:
  • Cleanly, nicely or rejuvenates from the bath rise a sort of purification process registers with which one has (processed) all incriminating of the past washed and can turn now lighthearted of it to a happier future.
  • The bath in clear water cleans the soul and admits clear knowledge for the awake life.
  • outdoor swimming pool and cold bath water indicate that one wins new energy, more energy and courage to remove difficulties lighter.
  • tepid baths can announce more internal rest or relaxation in a critical situation.
  • Baden in murky, dirty water against it points to the marsh in which one got by own fault, or on intrigues and other difficulties with those one is confronted, - then also financial losses are not to be excluded.
  • one must consider
  • with coloured bath water, moreover, the symbolic salary of the respective colour with.
  • positive is to be interpreted the bath in free nature which promises independence and informality for the deliberate life.
  • then
  • Trading the dream of the fact that the dreaming bathes another person shows this his need to look after this person or to enter an intimate connection with him.


Bath is the symbol for cleaning and renewal. Baden in the urban or public bath shows the unity of innocence and sensuousness.


If somebody has a bath in indecorous way, nothing good approaches him. If e.g., one rises together with the clothes in the warm bath, he has illness and big oppressions to gewärtigen, - then sick people rise dressed in the bath, and people who are because of important decisions in bad distress also sweat in the clothes. It is bad for arms to have a bath with big servants and many people round itself, - it indicates him protracted illness, - then a pauper normally has a bath without dream of servants. Accordingly it is for empires a bad sign to have a bath only. For all people, however, without difference it is disastrous not to be able to sweat or to see the swimming pool without roof under free sky or to find no water in the washbasins, - latter is in the worst of all one. Since what expects one, he will not manage, above all when he earns immediately his living by the large amount. I know a Kitharaspieler which wanted to take part in Smyrna in the holy competition to honour Hadrians and to which it dreamt, he wants to take a bath, no water finds, however, in the hall, - now it met him that he discovers while violating the competition rules, was punished and was excluded from the other participation in the competition, - and it was this what announced the dream experience him, he will not find this what he wished, - besides, the swimming pool meant the theatre. To have a bath in warm waters, i.e. in such which are over it of nature indicates ill recovery, healthy shutdown of the shops, - then warm baths maintain only rest-searching or people who have nothing to do to visit. It is beneficial to bathe lakes, wells and rivers of pure and clear water in springs, on no account to swim, but because latter each brings bad luck and is the symbol of danger and illness. The cause of it has demonstrated Panyasis from Halikarmassos thoroughly.



  • The bath means oppression and annoyance. If one goes to the bath to wash, and the bath is very hot, he will have big personal grief according to the heat which rules in the bath.
  • though
  • Seeming it one, the bath would be made hot, he files the clothes, however, does not go to the water, bad difficulties will approach him, evaporate, however, soon.
  • Dreaming a rich man, he goes to the bath, anoints and washes, he will come to bad distress and lose his money, as well as him near Baden the hair fell out, - the dreamer is in distress, illness or chains, he will get rid of all this evil.
  • Bathing one in tepid water, his distress will not be so very big and bad, - he washes with water which is not too cold, and he becomes clean, he will create his plague from the neck, however, it is ice-cold, the face takes the same exit like in case of the hot water.
  • see another: Loss and annoyance,
  • take themselves a bath: good health,
  • take outside: you become a rich and nice bride (or bridegroom) would drive home, - also: You come by all inhibitions through and are on top and successfully.
  • see bathing outside: one may calculate on the fact that from now on a lot better proceeds, because one has strength and perseverance,
  • clear water: a danger will pass,
  • in a river: By virtue of and perseverance,
  • have a bath in a lake whose surface is moved by waves: it must be calculated on difficulties in various regard, - however, one owns enough forces to overcome them,
  • in the murky water: Illness,
  • in deep water: Care,
  • very coldly: a light indisposition,
  • in hot water: Illness and Siechtum, - danger,
  • refine pleasantly: if stable health registers,
  • go in dressed: you have an inheritance in view.
  • having a bath children see: for Mrs. Schwangerschaft, to other happy times.
  • with shower: You have crumbled to you something silly, with the help of friends you will succeed in coming out of the bad situation.


  • an empty bath warns concerning a decision which just likes, or an action which is explained presently: One is about to take a much too high risk.
  • a cold or to hot bath shows a recommendation to think over anew his social state, because the relations are not in such a way as they seem.
  • a pleasant bath is a sign for the fact that expectations and hopes come true.
  • the person concerned more value should lay
  • In general on his external appearance and maintain his picture in the community, because he moves currently in surroundings in which one judges him with priority according to these criteria.

(European ones).:

  • is valid as a symbol of the freeing from suffering, - attempt, old person and dirty wegzuwaschen,
  • have a bath and swim in the clear water: Rescue from great danger, - luck,
  • in murky water: Affliction, fear, worry, loss, also danger of fire, - negative surroundings,
  • in cold clear water: Enemies are defeated, - herald of happy news and good health,
  • in tepid water for healthy: to great success, good life and pleasure,
  • in tepid water for sick people: Health,
  • lie in a hot bath: an illness or difficulties become apparent, - the water is clear in the tub: a danger will pass,
  • smoking: Quarrel,
  • in a lake with many waves: one must master a problem with a lot of talent,
  • outside, aerial bathing and solar bathing: By virtue of and toughness win, - it is getting better again,
  • in the sand: Nervous strengthening,
  • travel in a bathing resort: if brings fulfilment of our wishes,
  • Taking a young person a bath, he takes care very much of somebody of the other gender, because he fears to sink by closing more different in the favour.
  • for pregnant forecasts this one miscarriage or an accident, - besides, it concerns a man, means this adultery,
  • with other together: bad society is to be avoided, otherwise the call is damaged,
  • Seeing bathe a widow to itself, your former marriage has forgotten you and experiences new dear affairs,
  • girl should keep away from male companions,
  • men are involved in bad intrigues.
(See also Bach, bath, grotto, baptism, tub, water)

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