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In general:

A dream of a gate symbolises as a rule a change, often a change in awareness. The dreaming crosses a threshold in the life, tries out maybe new things or moves from a life phase in the next. Gate stands mostly for an obstacle on the life. If one goes through, one will overcome it. The close gate can announce that one must exert himself more, maybe, however, nevertheless, fails, - this depends on whether one can open it or before it stops. Gate (fool) indicates one like clown.


Growing consciousness is often emphasised in the dream by crossing several gates. The gate of a working area could refer to professional changes, a garden gate, however, on increased joy in the life.


At this level the gate in the dream symbolises the passageway of the empire of the material to the empire of the spiritual.



  • the open: you are a welcome guest, - also: would not be closed in such a way,
  • the closed: concealed things will disturb you,
  • blast open by force: one will bring you in big distress.


  • an ambivalent symbol: A closed or close gate symbolises missed good opportunities. If the gate is open, an important plan can be realised. Several gates point out to the fact that soon different advantageous possibilities arise which lead, however, only to the aim if one works hard.

(European ones).:

  • nightmare, - the life is obstructed with difficulties for whose removal one must raise strength,
  • archways see or stride through: it will reach to an allarmierende news about far away people, - business matters are reassuring,
  • see the own open: now friends or friends are glad about your visit,
  • see a foreign one open: attaches uninvited guests, - tells disagreeable visit,
  • go by an open one: one will find friendly admission with a person,
  • have difficulties to cross one or to open: the most captivating work will not be remunerative or satisfactory,
  • swing in it: one will dedicate himself excesses,
  • one close: points to successful enterprises and good-elective friends,
  • a defective one: if failure and an unharmonious sphere,
  • symbolises
  • the close: you are not seen somewhere with pleasure, - also: if incapacity forecasts to overcome upcoming problems.


  • the close: you must count on obstacles, - you must be vigorous,
  • openly: your life will happily end,
  • open by force: you will force to you success.
  • gate, penetrate into one, besides, are got and are thrown: A warning of foreign area.
(See also clown, gate, 'door')

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