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In general:

In the dream the pot has the meaning of food and Fürsorglichkeit and signals a receptive mood. Like a big kettle can symbolise a displacement process, a pot or a frying pan possibly shows the ability to mix to different 'ingredients' and to create a little bit completely new from it.


The vessel (see there) on which mostly also a lid fits can be interpreted of course like other vessels sexually. The unconscious sometimes expels us, however, also to the saying 'Every pot finds his lid' what should be called translated, we would have to be more quick-fitted in the everyday life to assert ourselves. If the pot runs over, we should not react in the awake life too frothing over. If all possible is mixed in the dream pot in a mess, points out probably to the fact that we throw with pleasure everything in a pot in the awake life, no difference between property and Nastily make.


At the spiritual level the pot refers in the dream like all vessels to the female principle - as a rule on his maintaining aspect.



  • indicates at food, - lets on forthcoming wealth hope, - also: you mix up everything,
  • break: your hope will not come true.

(European ones).:

  • pots, frying pans: promise an invitation for a wedding-eve party, - also: a sign for the coming disappointments, - one lets by his plannings care prevail and discusses this with nobody,
  • see one: one can be annoyed from insignificant events,
  • Seeing a young woman a pot with boiling water, pleasant social obligations stand in the house. A broken or rusty pot announces disappointments.


  • see: a passing danger,
  • to full ones see: Increase of the property,
  • break: hard times come for you,
  • with the Hafner: by the guilt of your woman the luck will turn away again from house and court,
(See also 'vessel', 'kettle', 'circle')

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