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Tone (earth)

Association: - (Earth) receptive matter. Question: - (Earth) What is I to be formed or to model ready?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Firmly, - tools, - earth, - healing, - understanding, - drawing, - cleaning, - plasticity, - mother earth. Description: Tone, the mineral which is connected in the internal circle of the medicine wheel with mother earth is a firm, fine-grained rock which exists for the most part of aluminium silicates. Tone can become very hard if he is burnt in the fire, - he is used to the production by bricks and pottery. Some keys have also turned out in connection with curing useful. Some people close to the earth preferential above all red tone, while other green or white variations estimated which they put on as packs to heal with them and to detoxify or in some cases also oral took. General meaning: To your abilities and thoughts give a form, - impurities pull out, yourself clean, - plasticity. Association: The tone in the music, - the good tone of the behaviour. Transcendent meaning: Gift of the direction or the earth connection.


If one kneads tone (loam) in the dream, one is artistically gifted and should realise creative plans, because now one plays with plasticine in own destiny.


If one dreams of tone of having become, each threatens the death, excluded the people who earn her living with tone or loam.



  • play with plasticine: one plays with plasticine in his own destiny,
  • work on: you will educate a person.

(European ones).:

  • you will need help which costs dear to you, nevertheless,
  • play with plasticine: you are artistically assessed.
(See also statues, statues)

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