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In general:

For many people the toilet is a symbol for dirt and lacking recognition. In addition, a relation exists to the sexuality. Nevertheless, the toilet in the dream can also express the need of the dreaming for intimacy and the wish to let free run to his feelings in own four walls.


Toilet dreams are very frequent. In the figurative sense this is a sign for the fact that the dreaming wants to get rid of mental ballast. The toilet in the dream mostly points to a mental cleansing process. To dream of a WC or toilet nothing has indecent in itself: One wants to relieve himself, something strip which depresses to one. The dream, one is in a toilet, creates order in our soul household. Unfortunately, the dreamer edges out toilet dreams with pleasure from his consciousness, so that the conclusions which one could draw from it on the whole state of the affected person get lost. A defective toilet signals to the dreaming that he is blocked emotionally. A foreign toilet visit meant that he realises the exit of a situation. A dirty toilet tells to clean that the dreaming gives up his blocked position. Also the excrement is nothing common in the dream. The fertilizer is associated with him and with it something fertile, because from him there grows new. Alchemists thought earlier even that one had to be able to win gold from excrement.


At the spiritual level a toilet in the dream embodies means and ways to get rid of all negatives and to decontaminate.



  • you are in love.

(European ones).:

  • see one: one should analyse his feelings honestly,
  • to themselves see sitting: finally, one gets rid of an internal or external load,
  • human removals in the WC see or produce just: one can count at a profit or additional income,
  • see an empty loo: if evil announces,
  • make (make up): means that one will be unpopular one and get in the light of the absurdity.


  • make: you are revered.
(See also toilet, defecation, to excrements, human excrement, blockage)

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