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Association: - youthful, female. Question: - In which area of my life am I ready to express youthful susceptibility?

In general:

It is a symbolic shape for the creative female which still has many open possibilities of the development before itself.


To dreams parents of her daughter, they can be drawn the attention to the problems of her child which they consciously do not perceive, but also to own culpable behaviour towards her child. The dream of that - indicates women often even unknown or not at all available - daughter that with the personal inner life cannot be right some. This vision is often a symbol for the fear of the dreaming of the ageing. However, it can be also understood in such a way that the dreaming projects all his hopes and unfulfilled wishes in the dream, as well as often in the reality, on his child. Feeling of inferiority can be also expressed by the dream daughter.


The members of the family, particularly the children, mean the whole family, because apart from that what they else mean they point at the same time to the relationship. Thus, e.g., somebody dreamt, he looks his daughter hunchbacked. Quite consistently and according to the respect the sister of the dreaming died, - his clan was not healthy because. A girl registers that the end will worse be than the beginning. It indicates above all material losses because a daughter needs a dowry. I know somebody to whom it dreamt, a little daughter would be born to him, - he had to take up a Darlehn. Another again dreamt, he buries his late daughter. It happened that he paid back a Darlehn.



  • see the own: prepare the wedding,
  • see, although one has none: Longing for female recognition and care.

(European ones).:

  • see the own: many joyless events are substituted with a nice and harmonious life,
  • oppose own wishes: it is to annoyance and discontent on.
(See also family, youth, child, childhood, daughter-in-law, son, relatives)

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