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Association: - Place of the activity. Question: - What is I to be checked or do act ready?

In general:

A table is a piece of furniture with social or professional functions and symbolises decision-making power in the dream. It is a place of the family meetings, and for the dreaming the together taken meals are maybe an important ritual. Also the conference table in the professional life has a ritual element. Dining table can symbolise the wish for happy society. In general he stands for the external life, for example, the work. If he is nicely covered, speaks for luck and success, otherwise for failures and grief.


A covered board already meant for the old Egyptians that guests will appear whom one should well entertain, then the table would be empty, they would be bored. After today's interpretation is the life energy dished up to us which allows to process to us mental like spiritual. Who clears a table in the dream, probably does not hold a lot from the whole 'soul junk', it is in the awake life a realist who would like to make 'a clear sweep'. The medieval interpretation is also to be taken seriously absolutely that one good household leads which puts on a pure white table cover in the dream, however, a dirty cloth proves the opposite.


At this level a table can stand in the dream for a spiritual court and symbolise spiritual laws.



  • sit in it: happy living conditions, - glad society,
  • cover: you will reach to prosperity, - you have a comfortable home,
  • cover: a profit,
  • escapes you
  • to covered ones see: you will get guests, - prosperity,
  • empty: Lack, - loneliness, - you should try to provide more for house and family,
  • desk: one would like to reach in the life still a lot,
  • conference table: indicates at difficulties in the professional life.

(European ones).:

  • life symbol, - one sits before his life and sees what stands on it,
  • with people: if a sociability tells in, - besides, one will have a good time with nicely covered table well, besides, with uncovered table bore,
  • see cover or covering: take part in a big festivity, - also: if happy connections and positive circumstances,
  • promise
  • see a full one: now one can enjoy domestic luck and future prosperity,
  • of one eat without tablecloth: freely and independently decide, - money or the behaviour has more different for one no meaning,
  • clear: Joy will soon give way worries and indifference,
  • see an empty one: if means poverty or quarrel, - one should worry in future increasingly for house and family,
  • sit with good entertainment in one: Joy,
  • other see sitting in one: very favorable omen,
  • a self-moving table: one is struck by discontent and wants to change something,
  • a broken table: if a sign is for dwindling luck,
  • somebody on the table sits or stands, is called this that he wants to move his wishes with unfair means,
  • hear beating somebody on the table: one will change his setting towards friends and endanger himself, - one will also lose the respect of friends and relatives.


  • cover: Jollity.
(See also altar,' piece of furniture ',' board ',' tablecloth')

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