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medicine wheel:

Key words: At home, - earth energy, - of course, - physical world, - a part of mother earth. Description: The tepee or Wigwam, a conical wigwam, is one of the additional symbols of the medicine wheel if this comes as a stone or maps set to the use. It is associated with the northern quarter of a circle and stands for your home and your respect with all physical in the world. The tepees served the Prärieindianern as a dwelling. In the old time they existed of the skins which were stretched over a conical pole scaffolding. Today most tepees are made out of material. The tepee creates a home which permits a life very close in the earth. General meaning: Your setting to your home, - your setting to the earth, - your connection with your life at home. Association: - Transcendent meaning: Your setting to the physical world. The appearance of a tepee can bring you in the situations in which you have gone away by your dream work too strongly from the reality again back home, in your body.

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