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Swimming pool


The completely old people held Baden not for a bad portent, - then public baths were still unknown to them, and one had a bath in so-called seat tubs, - the later, however, explained when there were already swimming pools, Baden as well as the sight of a swimming pool for disastrous, even if one took no bath. According to her opinion a public bath because of the noise ruling in it meant damage, further mental fear and oppression to excitement, because of the streaming out sweat because skin and surface of the body change the colour in the bath. Still nowadays there are people who stick to the old view and which lay out dreams accordingly, - nevertheless, they are in the mistake and do not charge for the experience. Formerly to meant baths quite of course something bad because the people had a bath not regularly and did not have at disposal swimming pools in so big number or one only after ending of a war service or on getting over big strain a bath was in habit to take (bath and bathing were for them a recollection of strain or war). Nowadays, however, normally do not dine one rather, before they a bath taken, others do it also after food, - and then they have a bath before the dinner once again. Thus Baden is in our time nothing else than means to an enjoyable life. Therefore, Baden in nice, bright and well tempered halls is a good portent and gives healthy wealth and business success, ill health, - then Baden is a pastime of the healthy, they do not do it from need or compulsion. It is unfavorable to sing in a swimming pool, because it means, one can lead no clear language. Many received a dungeon punishment after this dream face.



  • are in it: Good lives and pleasure.
(See also Baden)

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