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Association: - Appearance, - play of the life. Question: - Which changes in the screenplay of my life do I consider?

In general:

If the dreaming in his dream at a play has a look, he must think to himself about that whether it concerns a comedy or a tragedy. As a rule the play symbolises in the dream that the dreaming tries to look at his life objectively. The action of the piece can contain tips as he should act in the everyday life. Join in in the piece of people whom the dreaming knows, he should make himself deliberate which kind of 'drama' he performs with them.


In the dream a play shows the processing of experiences, knowledge and abilities. The creator in the dreaming steers the performance, so that he can make the best from the information which is included in the piece. The visions at such a dream theatre are so composed that they have the greatest possible effect and her interpretation so easily as possible is. Sometimes, nevertheless, happens something unexpected, and this means that the dreaming must look somewhere else for explanations.


At the spiritual level the play in the dream is nothing else than the life of the dreaming.

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