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In general:

One could call the theatre place of the investigation, interpretation and projection of the human life, and our dreams belong if it is in it about theatre, in the same category. They often contain clear statements about our awake life, above all in dealing with others, - often they accuse us that we are affected and different than we are - draw off 'a show'. If the stage plays in a dream about the theatre a special role, a situation in which the dreaming is presently is important. If the audience is in the foreground, it is about his ability to listen. The piece which the dreaming forms in his dream as an aspect of his life is from particular importance. If the dreaming is not involved in the performance, this refers to the fact that he is able to be reserved and to take an objective position.


Translates: the life which is shown on the stage often in abstract and weird forms. Who misses here the application, will also forget to act in the life. In the dream many desirable images which can come true in the everyday life are shown. If we ourselves join in, our appearance is presented to the consciousness to the criticism whether we have the right one or the wrong role. If the dreaming is in the limelight, this refers to his need to be perceived. If he is on the gallery, this maybe means that he must look at a certain situation from a long-term perspective. If we see as a spectator a tragedy or a comedy, our basic setting, - then some dramatized speaks from it at what he should smile, actually, and vice versa another laughs at something which is very serious. We should pay attention to the text and the title of the dream piece to take interpretation tips from it. The theatre and everything what deals with him can be a warning in the dream not to mistake the life for a stage. The dreaming should pay attention to the fact that his credibility and genuineness do not get lost to him with all acting. Quick the person can change into a fop who is much too futile and complacent. Because it concerns, besides, a social meeting place, the theatre in the dream symbolises the relations of the people together.


At the spiritual level the theatre in the dream symbolises the microcosm in comparison to the world as a macrocosm.



  • see: one wants to demonstrate to you something,
  • visit: indicates at an amusing life,
  • sit in one: one makes to himself too many illusions about the life,
  • play: you leave to your imagination a too big elbowroom,
  • see themselves in the role of an actor: one should think that the surroundings pursue all actions with critical eyes.

(European ones).:

  • participation in a pleasure, - also advises that one should take to heart good apprenticeships, - representations on the stage refer almost always to own life, episodes or unclear moments out,
  • see: one will dedicate himself to a delusive illusion, - one is deceived by somebody whom one trusted, - one is on the alert if one discusses plans, otherwise threatens capital loss,
  • visit: one will have a lot of fun with new friends, - the personal matters will develop positively,
  • sit in one: tells a failure by a delusive illusion in,
  • applaud and laugh as a spectator: one will sacrifice to the imagination satisfaction a duty,
  • play even in one: the pleasure is only from short duration, - also: a light difficulty will delay the realisation of the plans, - one is observed by the surroundings just with very critical eyes,
  • must flee because of fires or a panic: one will get entangled in dubious machinations,
  • visit a cheerful song play, - inane pleasure endangers the prosperity,
  • visit an opera: success stands in the house.


  • play: one will observe you,
  • see: a wish comes true.
(See also appearance,' stage ',' opera ',' actor ',' dance ',' curtain')

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