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Association: - negative forces, - temptation. Question: - What lies between me and my higher consciousness?

In general:

To dream of the devil ordinarily means that the dreaming with those poach, to primeval sides of itself must come to the pure one which are unknown to him and frighten, hence. The dreaming must confront himself with this part and provide for the fact that he works for him, instead of against him. The devil loses his power if he has recognised him first of all as something what belongs to every person and with which one must confront himself necessarily sometime once. Devil embodies those feelings, wishes, desires and passions which one rejects consciously though by which one is strongly influenced from the unconscious, however, and is damaged. One must learn to accept them consciously and to change.


Today though no one more believes, actually, in the devil than vision he seems rather frequent, however. Often this is with people the case which does not process a religious problem, but have already edged out. Then the devil points out to how important the discussion with the sense of the life is for the internal stability of the dreaming. With the people who have an excessive morality understanding it can also be a tip that they should stronger accept the natural-like in themselves. In Goethe 'fist' the devil's figure Mephisto is a very intellectual appearance. Hence, the devil as a vision can also point to the dangers of a much too intellectual thinking. The devil is a fallen angel and uncovers ruthlessly weaknesses or weak places in our soul life. If one sees one and one speaks with him, one should not watch out for a person in his vicinity, wohlwill. If we are attacked by a devil, we act in the awake life slightly greedily or ungallant. However, he can also point to one-sided thinking only directed on profit. The devil in the dream is as a personification of the bad shares of the person the object to which he can offer the forehead. If of the dreaming fear of his passions, before his fury and his feelings has, this can manifest itself in the dream as a devil.


He symbolises all forces which bring confusion, darkness and death. Sometimes it is maintained that the difference is only very low between friend and enemy. Maybe it is worthwhile for the dreaming to start with itself if he wants to recognise any form of evil or wrong behaviour.



  • see: you will get to do it with bad people, - one wants to entice you,
  • with one fight and are defeated: bad passions will control you,
  • overcome one: Peace will call in in your soul.


  • This symbol reveals to the dreaming that he suffers from a big hidden guilt more than he admits himself. If he tries in the dream to defeat the devil, this is called, he lives during strong conflict with temptations to give to those he forbids himself. Hence, he should try to bring his wishes with the reality in harmony. If a woman dreams of the devil, still comes that she is discontented with her gender life and wishes a strong and passionate man.

(European ones).:

  • points at bad passions of the dreaming, - these are not fought, means the fear, illness, grief and grief, - in a muddled spiritual situation are necessary clarifications,
  • means for the farmer destroyed harvest and killed cattle, but also illness in the family,
  • decent people should look at this dream as a warning to let prevail with her interests care, because they are in danger of breaking the laws of the country,
  • with a priest is this dream a tip to the fact that he is official and should refuse to honour God, while he castigates his next one with the tongue,
  • see: one can be thrilled to a passionate action from which one would omit with sober consideration, - anyway it means a long struggle,
  • see him as a big, impressively dressed person whom she tries to persuade to the visit of his flat: then this signals that unprincipled people to one want to float by flatteries in the ruin,
  • are threatened by one or are attacked: by a passionate action one will get in bad disputes,
  • one watches out with him to close a pact that a herald is always for desperation,
  • are pursued by him: one gets in traps which have put up disguised enemies for one,
  • as friends
  • for a lover: if one says that he risks his loyalty,
  • by sloppiness
  • young women should search for this dream the assistance of friends and not wake the attention of strangers, particularly married men. Women with bad character will get money and jewels of strangers stolen.


  • see: do not come to temptation, - you will suffer misfortune and disgrace,
  • speak: one wants to cheat you.
(See also 'demons', 'witch', 'religious pictures', 'Satan')

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