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In general:

If in a dream a testament or another juridical document seems, this can be due to the fact that the unconscious of the dreaming wants to draw the attention of him to his most internal needs. A testament tells to make to make to himself a promise with regard to future action. Besides, it could play a role that the dreaming would like to look after person for which his love and care is valid. To inherit in the dream, requests the dreaming to it, the habits, traits and values which he has inherited from his forefathers to question. Testament means after old dream books that one reaches an old age.


If it is especially important to the dreaming that everything is finished properly and correctly, this response in the dream symbol can find testament. The testament as 'a last will' refers to the firm will of the dreaming to be something certain or to act, for example, to become active. Because for many people something final sticks to a testament, it can refer as a vision to the knowledge that the dreaming enters into a new period of life. Testament can be evaluated as the end of a successful endeavours in our life. Who makes his testament in the dream, maybe prepares for a quieter period of life or - particularly with older people - on a long and peaceful old age because one has ordered everything at the right time.


At this level the testament stands in the dream for determination in spiritual matters. This can also concern the solution of a problem with which the dreaming has lately argued.



  • make: an old age reach, - also: you have your things in order,
  • see: quarrel and Zwistigkeiten approach in the family, - an inheritance, - (29, - 31, - 61)
  • receive: a happy message.

(European ones).:

  • touch down: points to an old age, - also: is typical for significant attempts and speculations,
  • see a foreign one: Joy and profit, - one could soon make an inheritance,
  • cannot allow to certify: one could be slandered,
  • lose: badly for the business,
  • destroy: warns against taking part in deception and dizziness,
  • of A wife or to everybody which thinks a testament would be directed against him, the dream promises disputes and confusion in a forthcoming event.


  • make: you will reach an old age,
  • see: Joy.
(See also inheritance)

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