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Association: - Soul, - sanctum. Question: - Which form have does my internal peace?

In general:

A temple in the dream can symbolise the body of the dreaming. Both, the temple and the body, must be treated with reverence and care. Temple symbolises the body as a flat of mind and soul which stand with each other in harmony. Therefore, one will lead a contented, happy life.


Every temple symbolises reverence in connection with creativity. Many hands are necessary to establish such a church. Many facets are necessary to form an entire personality and to create with it a coherent whole. Who sees a temple or his ruin in the dream or visits, is glad after Old-Egyptian interpretation of the life.


A temple symbolises the beauty of the sky because it is a holy site for people, as well as a place at which the divine has his residence. It is a microcosm of that what is infinite.


The emperor, a temple, a soldier, an imperial writing, a silver piece and similar more are signs which stand alternately for each other. Our compatriot Kratinos received money in the dream, - he became a governor of the income of the imperial temple.



  • see or enter: Look in a peaceful future without worries, - one will reach to an important knowledge, - also: you need loneliness and meditation, - (7, - 37)
  • see far back in the distance, blurred or at night: if forecasts grief which will be, nevertheless, only from short time.


  • one sees clearly him and with daylight, he is valid as the good omen which announces oncoming balance and worry freedom. One reaches to a spiritual and/or artistic knowledge. A blurred sight - in the dusk or at night - forecasts grief. Nevertheless, she stops only short time and can be overcome. (Woman

(European ones).:

  • your good actions will find recognition, - means joy of life,
  • a foreign: if a sign is for the strange experience which one will gain shortly, - discretion will pay off very much.


  • see: you will receive a public commendation,
  • enter: you will take a lot of delight in the life.
(See also 'building', 'church')

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