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Association: - View of distant aims. Question: - What would like I to take closer under the magnifying glass?


They should look a little bit (or somebody) closer - you pay attention too much to distance.


(European ones).:

  • forecasts difficult times in the love and in informal things, - the shops go changeable and are unsafe, - one inclines to exaggerate difficulties, one should concern them zuversichtiger,
  • planets and stars with it observe: one will undertake very nice trips which will cause later, however, financial losses,
  • the defective or unused: some things will fail and problems stand in a queue.
(See also binoculars, telescope, observatory) Plate

In general:

If it concerns a normal, easy plate, it can be a tip to the wish of the dreaming for simplicity in his life. If he holds the plate in the hand, he is aware of that what he owes to other people. If another dream figure gives him a plate, this offers to the dreaming somewhat of herself to divide it with him. Plate stands for plans, intentions, needs and desires. Fullly he announces success, blank failures. If the plate is overfull, one should not expect too much or ask, otherwise one will fail.


The plate in the dream points to a circle of nice people who meets in glad round and the plate also for bodily pleasures can stand). If the plate is empty, becomes to us by own guilt some company vergällt. If he has broken, the shards (how with the wedding-eve party) are a sign for luck in the love. If the plate is formed like a bowl, he embodies female qualities. If it concerns a level plate, this refers in a kind of group possession. An empty plate symbolises needs and desire. The patterns on the plate and the colours can be important.


At the spiritual level the plate stands in the dream for community and social luck.


The plates and bowls symbolise the real lifestyle. One must judge these objects by her value or after whether they have become smaller from small form greater or from big form whether they broke if they were whole or again became whole if they had broken, and the change to the better than a good one which is to be understood to the worse than a bad portent.



  • have before himself: must count on paltry income,
  • of porcelain: you are invited,
  • from metal: you will go ask have to go,
  • of gold: Wealth and luck,
  • a silver one: Expression for a cultivated society in which we will take part, - (7, - 21, - 43)
  • hold in the hand: one is aware what one owes to other people,
  • give a plate to somebody: one would like to divide with a dear person thought or other things,
  • break: some bad luck approaches you, - quarrel and annoyance.

(European ones).:

  • enlargement of the dream of the cup,
  • see: one will be invited to food,
  • see a silver one: one will take part in a very cultivated event or invitation,
  • a full plate: one will be able to realise his duties and plans,
  • an empty plate: Failures threaten,
  • break one: if an anxious time with some murky days announces,
  • break: from an invitation one will have special advantages,
  • Dreaming a Mrs. von Tellern, she will be sparing and get one to her suitable man. If she is already married, she will be loved because of her clever housekeeping by her man always and be respected.


  • more broken: Worry and sadness,
  • you is loaded to a banquet.
(See also colours, pattern under geometrical figures, shards, cup)

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