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Association: - Communication about distances away. Question: - Whom or want what I to reach?

In general:

The phone is the classical 'messages' - dream symbol. Phone indicates the need for social contacts. If the dreaming makes a telephone call in his dream, this refers to his ability to step with other people in contact and to receive required information also. This can refer to a person from the everyday life of the dreaming or on a part of itself with which he has produced a good connection. If the dreaming is called, this shows that information is available to him about which he knows on the plane of consciousness still nothing. Who was at the other end of the management? What does this person mean for one, for which she stands in the awake life? If one himself was the caller, the dream will concentrate upon a communication which would like to transmit the awake life to somebody. One must investigate what communication is this and at whom she should be directed. If one had in the dream big difficulties to come through to the elective number, then awake-I is presumably already strongly frustrated. The dream telephone call a cry for help can have been. If one does not answer the phone, fear or inhibitions often exists before an establishment of contact.


The phone is a communicative device. In the dream it is a symbol for the contact of the dreaming with his environment. If the phone is used in the dream a lot, this is a sign for the active contact of the dreaming with his environment or his wish for more contact ability. A broken phone or a disturbed management are against it signs for the contact poverty or the loneliness of the dreaming person. If the disturbance can be repaired in the dream, however, in the management, the dreaming already tries to fight against his contact difficulties in the reality. Often it concerns with a phone call in the dream a phone call of the unconscious to raised watchfulness compared with injurious environmental factors. If from the awake life no suitable clues arise, the phone can be also simply laid out as 'a connection' (in good like in the bad sense). If we are called, will deal in the awake life with a refusal or also an assent which we receive in the professional life or in the private life. If we ourselves call, we must notice to us the number which we choose and undertake then with the help of the single figures (see there) an interpretation attempt. Possibly becomes conscious by the dreaming that he should get in touch with a certain person to help him or to let help from him. If he searches a phone number in the dream, he has difficulties to order his thoughts with regard to his future. The phone which appears in man's dreams says a lot about private 'connections' if one transfers the contents of the telephone call and his preparation on the private connection and indicates. Have you said the things which would not occur to you 'otherwise, in the dream'? Then you do it, finally, also in reality. Does the phone ring? Then one could also 'ring' with you soon in any thing!


Because one cannot see the interlocutor with the phoning, phoning in the dream means communication with own mind or with a guardian angel.



  • see: you have hasty shops, - also: you expect important news,
  • hear ringing: it must be calculated on a refusal,
  • carry on a conversation: one will get shortly an important order.

(European ones).:

  • see: one will make the acquaintance of a person who does not give to recognise himself or by which one is bothered,
  • hear only the ring: one will 'ring' in a matter with one,
  • there rings the phone, but one does not decrease: one is afraid of his most internal feelings and rejects this categorically,
  • are called: one will receive a refusal to an engagement,
  • use: compared with a new acquaintance one will not give to recognise himself,
  • get no connection: in a private contact, the connection,
  • is absent
  • of the participants does not contact: one will be moved with an engagement,
  • are separated during a telephone call: if brings a happy reunion,
  • wrong phone connection: if a wrong connection also tells in reality in,
  • carry on a good conversation: one will get an important order,
  • only long-distance calls lead or land by 'no connection at this number': indicates contact problems,
  • If a woman calls up, will pull them a lot of jealousy on itself, but, in the end, all bad influence refuses, - If she cannot hear the interlocutor at the other end of the management, defamation and loss of the lover approach.


  • see: the success of your enterprise is dubious,
  • call up: is careful, so that you lose nothing,
  • others see: Excitement because of other people.
(See also 'hearing', 'figures')

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