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Baptismal washbasins


(European ones).:

  • no happy omen.

In general:

If a dream trades of the fact that the dreaming is christened, this points to a new influence in his life which opens old settings fortwäscht and him for his own internal possibilities. If the dreaming christens a person in his dream, this means that he is ready to transmit his acquired knowledge to other people. Baptism announces a mental-spiritual renewal which will radically change the life. Above all one arises from it internally strengthened and has better grown to the storms of the life.


Symbol of the life water, the spiritual renewal, the mental rebirth. If one sees in the dream a baptism or one himself is christened, one plans a re-orientation, a conversion in his life which will affect salutary. The baptism in clear, consecrated source water brings clarity in spiritual respect and lets us judge mistake more different mildly. The dream can be a tip that the dreaming argues with his religious affiliation. Possibly he is about to join to a new group.


At the spiritual level the baptism in the dream is a symbol of the fresh start and that's why a deeply optimistic vision. The strength of the baptism is the resurrection to new life.



  • see: indicates at godparenthood, - one will be able to trust in the support of being close people,
  • with one be present: you have the wish to begin a new life,
  • are christened: one will give up an old setting and concentrate his energy upon a new challenge,
  • christen themselves another: one would like to take care his and exert influence on him,
  • christen themselves something: Joy at a successful enterprise.

(European ones).:

  • mostly shows the continuation of a dream of the water,
  • see one or are present at one: if marriage blessing or small family party announces, - one will find an internal hold which will help to one over heavy hours, - also: own character must be strengthened in such a way that, besides, one can bring forward his opinion diplomatically and his friends not annoys, - one feels the wish to begin a new life,
  • hold the Täufling: somewhere there waits an important responsibility on one which one must take over - also: now one could get going an important enterprise, finally,
  • believe to have been converted: one will degrade himself to the joy of the general public internally,
  • see how Johannes christens Christ in Jordan: one will make desperately mental efforts to look more different even in subordinated position to the best, and one also the wishes presecuted which will introduce in a wealth and refinement,
  • see how the holy mind about Jesus comes: one practices renunciation and abnegation,
  • are christened by the holy mind with fire: one must be afraid to be discovered with a lascivious pleasure.


  • see: rich child blessing and a lot of joy,
  • are present: one will invite you to a party.
(See also spring, water)

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