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Pigeon house / dovecote



  • promises a big joy, - happy home, - also: indicates at lively visit which with us one and will go out, according to the liveliness in the dovecote.

(European ones).:

  • brings peace and unity in the house, - means profit, - also: in the next time a visitor will give the handle in them to the other.
Be deaf deafness / Association: - Work on the communication. Question: - What want I to hear, or what do I fear to hear?

In general:

If one dreams that one is deaf or blind, this presumably states nothing about physical ailments. It is more obvious that a little bit or somebody with you bumps into 'deaf ears' and that one is 'blind against what does itself round one. Such dreams are to be known as a reminder how to change a position, or as an advance advice of actual visual discomfort or hearing discomfort. If one has just one suspicion that the latter applies, one should be examined. On the other hand, it must be said that such concrete dream meanings - just as from death or death - are rare, however.


If the dreaming is deaf during the dream action or hears at least badly, this is a symbol which points out to the fact that he certain things do not hear, wants to admit so. Besides, it can concern, for example, the criticism which another person practises to him. Who can hear, however, not properly, takes part only incompletely in the reality and runs the risk to perceive his reality distortedly. Then the way to disappointments or losses is not wide any more.



  • be: you do not want to hear something disagreeable, - (76, - 77)
  • see somebody Deaf: by absent-mindedness you will miss important.

(European ones).:

  • suddenly lose the hearing: a good sign, by an unexpected idiom one will escape big annoyance or difficulties,
  • be: one will find out news and should not obstruct his ears in the everyday life,
  • deaf people see: by cleverness one will make a profit,
  • deafness: means that you can reach advantages by cleverness.


  • be: you will regret a thing.
(See also blindness,' hearing')

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