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Tattoo / tattoo

Association: - unconventional expression. Question: - Which odd messages is I to be transmitted ready?

In general:

A tattoo in the dream can mark the individuality of the dreaming. He draws the attention of his people to his uniqueness and would want that they bring respect to him. To let tattoo in the dream, similar meaning has like the body painting, but the determining difference is the durability of the tattoo. One decided consciously and finally on something. What tattoo was it? Pure ornamentally? Then one deals the need, with lasting effect something for his image / appearance. Or was it a name, a motto, a recognizable symbol? Then this may not refer at all to image and appearance, but rather at the wish to put a remaining monument in the awake life of a recollection or an important fact. A dream in which one allows to remove a tattoo draws the attention on it that it is a long and more with difficulty (and more painfully) process to remove a little bit or somebody from his life and one just is apparently. If one is aware of the tattoo very much, sexual reminiscences can resonate.


A tattoo in the dream can symbolise a situation or an experience which has left an indelible impression. Besides, it can concern equally negative ones as well as positive recollections. What it exactly concerns, can be sometimes interpreted on account of the tattooed picture.


At the spiritual level a tattoo in the dream can be a tip to a group identity.



  • tattoo: one will admire you.

(European ones).:

  • see in own body: a problem will keep away long from home,
  • see with others: one will excite by unusual dear affairs envy,
  • see a Tätowierer: one will become estranged because of the inclination to strange methods of his friends.
(See also 'body painting')

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