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Pocket watch


If one sees in the dream a pocket watch, one has either overslept or a total of one bad sense of time. One should pay attention in future better to his appointments and hold this then also. The clock which one also puts in the dream in the pocket signals that we grope about in the awake life at times in the dark one.



  • see or own: use the time, it is not to be substituted again, - also: you have well divided your time,
  • find: do not forget an important discussion,
  • drop: you have a good excuse always ready,
  • shop: you are not punctual,

(European ones).:

  • see: reminded to an important engagement or brings them.


  • see: the visions will come true,
  • have: regular relations,
  • find: you must be more punctual,
  • lose: you will not be able to dispose of your time any more freely,
  • stopping: you will waste time.
(See also clock)

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