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In general:

A talisman symbolises protection against difficulties and against Bad. In the dream he often refers to the fact that the spiritual forces of the dreaming are not sufficient to protect him against fear and doubt. He depends on help of outstanding people.


The person builds up a deep connection with objects which are important to him and 'holy. He fills them with contents which go out her real function, and gives them therefore a magic Gepräge. The talisman in the dream can be a warning of dangers.


At the spiritual level the talisman in the dream is a tip to illusion and wrong hopes.



  • you is superstitious.

(European ones).:

  • warns about danger in country, - care at congested places,
  • carry one: pleasant society have, - and rich people prove to one a fallen,
  • Believing a young woman, her darlings gives her one talisman, comes true her marriage wish.


  • own: the storms of the life will spare you.
Talmi (golden-coloured alloy of copper, zinc and 1% of gold)



  • you feigns only love and feels none.

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