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The people who practice a certain profession in the dream or the suitable occupation point in the dream always to a comparable psychic process. The baker shows, on this occasion, the creative side of the dreaming, the side which provides for the mental and spiritual food of the dreaming. Oven and baker deal in the dream with fathering and birth, however, are to be understood by no means as sexual symbols, but are understood from the symbolic meaning of the baking often as an assistant in the need which announce that, nevertheless, still everything will turn to the good. The baker can also show a person or experience from the childhood which is connected anyhow with the instantaneous situation. If the baker works in the dream with the fire, it is the spiritual food which he gets the dreamer, as the 'fire' in the oven is of importance. In the image of the former people the fire was one of four magic natural forces. If women are occupied in the dream with the preparation of dishes in the oven, this is always a tip to the motherly and supplying, speak to nourishing qualities of the female.



  • a blest year, - grief and worries will soon leave, - big hopes come true,
  • see baking himself as a baker bread: one must take before people in eight who want to have from a little bit. (17, 6)
(European ones.): before the house see standing: quiet hopes will come true, -
  • see general: the worries take, - luck with enterprises, - back recollection of the childhood,
  • to themselves see baking bread: Care before the person who want to have somewhat of one,
  • in his baker's be: Luck, success and satisfaction,
  • Bäckerin: strong health,
  • baker's shop: blest year.


  • profit is entitled to you, does not hesitate and follows your inspiration.
(See also bake, fire)

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