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In general:

If comes out in a dream clearly that one day has passed, the dreaming with it himself draws the attention of himself to the fact that he must follow the time with some activities and may not handle with her too wastefully. Day stands for a certain period of life, - the other meaning arises from the processes in the dream.


With the vision of the day it is indicated that the dream information approaches the awake consciousness. The morning has an especially positive meaning as a dream time of day. In dreams the time has no real meaning. If the dreaming notes in his dream that time is measurable, this points to the fact that he deals with the question, how long his life may still probably last. If it lives in the dream day, the unconscious wants to remind us of the fact that we should be of use more deliberately, the day which moves our ability to think in the right light.


With the saying 'one day which lasts an eternity' is made to the dreaming deliberate that time at the spiritual level is an irrelevant size.


(European ones).:

  • means improvements of the situation and pleasant relations,
  • a sombre day: if loss and failure promises at new enterprises.
(See also evening, midday, night)

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