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medicine wheel:

Key words: Holy, - clarity, - can poison, - differentiation, - assistant, - healer, - Wabun, eastern guardian of the mind. Description: Tobacco is the plant which is associated with the east and with Wabun, the eastern guardian of the mind. It was grown by the natives of North America to smoke them and to use them as an offering. Hence, tobacco for many trunks close to the earth was a very holy plant and found with sacred rituals use. Tobacco was often the ritual sacrificial property in whistle ceremonies, so that the holy smoke could escape. Read after under the headword Maize to find out how the first woman brought the tobacco to the people. It means that one calls the mind beings to himself with smoking of tobacco. Sun Bear taught that this is one of the reasons, why smoking can be injurious only to the relaxation for the people: It calls over mind being, although one does not wish her presence in truth at all. Consequently they cannot know, when they are really used. General meaning: Look for ways to permit the entry into your life to the saint, - be pulled by the ways of the Indians or by mind being who are in North America at home, - request clarity or receive, - a time of the new beginnings, - a time in which you can let go Negativitšt, - to think the need for discernment or the gift of discernment, - time, in order about the smoking only to the relaxation. Association: Lung cancer. Transcendent meaning: Tobacco in a dream pulls mind forces to you or registers that they are present.

In general:

Tobacco mostly symbolises masculinity what explains itself with by the fact that women smoked earlier hardly. Whistle, cigar and cigarette indicate sexual needs as phallic symbols. If one clearly sees tobacco smoke, draws the attention also to infertile strains which will resolve in smoke. The meaning of tobacco in a dream completely depends on whether it concerns with the dreaming a smoker or not. If Ersteres applies, is obvious that the tobacco shows a luxury in the dream. With a non-smoker tobacco in the dream possibly has rather the function to symbolise the achievement of a certain mental condition or state of consciousness. Smokes to the dreaming whistle, maskuline attributes are in possibly the foreground.


Tobacco embodies above all substances which raise the spirits. He expels the bad minds. Hence, it is primarily a symbol of the positive changes. In case of the negative consideration of the smoking of tobacco in the dream, the reality of the life is looked rather anxiously and thus one flees with pleasure in a dream world. If one stretches tobacco smoke in the lungs, this registers, that one often of negative formally in itself 'hineinsaugt'. If one smokes whistle, one will soon find out quite unexpectedly that it can be very comfortable at home. Otherwise the tobacco shows that all efforts are useless because one virtually disappears 'in the fog'.


At the spiritual level tobacco in the dream is means which lead to visions.



  • see or smell: unnecessary things undertake,
  • shop: a good friend comforts you,
  • chew: your small vice disturbs the friendship,
  • sniff: you have slope to the indecent, - you are in embarrassment,
  • scatter: Quarrel with a good friend,
  • smoke: you would like to show something, however, will make yourself only ridiculous, - also: you also At in difficult situation,
  • see smoking themselves: one flees because of fear of the reality in dreams.


  • tobacco promises more success if the person concerned looks at his problems closer and more exactly. He should not be content with false success, otherwise the discontent becomes later even bigger.

(European ones).:

  • the masculinity is strongly deleted, - cigars and whistles are purely sexual symbols, - also: Problems will soon disappear by itself, is patient,
  • plants, sheets or tobacco raw see: if a forthcoming change of the views tells in, - Li> means successful shops, but little luck in the love,
  • growing: happy enterprises approach,
  • use: warns about enemies and extravagance,
  • dry tobacco sheets see: meant for farmers a good harvest and for the trader profits,
  • smoke in the whistle: one will make pointless plans,
  • smoke: one will fall to somebody tiresomely, - also: points to kind friends,
  • others see smoking: one will be bothered himself by uninvited people,
  • in general: Joy.


  • smoke: pay attention to your honour,
  • from the whistle smoke: your circumspection brings to you luck,
  • sniff: in all areas distinct bad luck, - you will grow old prematurely,
  • bury: dear friends will go away,
  • chew: you have ugly habits.
(See also whistle, snuff, 'direction - the east', 'Wabun', eastern guardian of the mind, 'cigarette', 'cigar')

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