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Children's slide / slide

In general:

This vision is a tip to the fact that the dreaming does not stand any more certainly on the legs, his position is endangered, he does not move in the life any more certainly and loses, perhaps, the footing. Often it is warned with the slide in the dream about the trap. Possibly one cannot keep himself long in such a case in a certain position any more or does not have enough strength of character.


The slide process points to 'disoriented deriving' down, for unscrupulous enjoyment 'without brakes', for 'instability' in the customary sense. But also for a mood in which one believes: Nothing can hold me! Anyway this dream deals with a mood in which one rather risks, 'to coming a cropper' instead of thinking of restraint and care.



  • children's slide: You are in a difficult situation. Care!
  • slide: you will unexpectedly come to embarrassment, - one will say you disagreeable things.

(European ones).:

  • signals disappointments in the love, - the lovers will not keep to promises,
  • a hill hinunterrutschen which is covered with green grass: one is done by flatteries in the ruin.


  • and, besides, fall: about a message you will take pleasure very much.
(See also traps, walking, standing position)

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