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In general:

Soot can announce (Sooty) material profit. In particular cases he also points out to the fact that one may not avoid at a work 'to be stained' because one will achieve only success. Partly he also warns about defamation of character and defamation.


A sooty stove or chimney always concludes by problems in the sex life. The soot which is reflected in the vision circumscribes the shadow places on our soul which can be removed mostly, nevertheless, without foreign help.



  • see: in general a luck sign,
  • in the stove, dirty themselves with it: The sad are found out or are blackened,
  • in the face: big luck in the love,
  • in the hands: Profit in the play.

(European ones).:

  • care before the friends who try to stain one - failure in the shops, - lovers are cantankerous and to satisfy only with effort,
  • see: if a disagreeable work tells in,
  • clean a stove or chimney of it and, besides, dirty themselves: promises advantages even at the dirtiest work, - you are favoured by the luck.


  • be sooty: Luck and profit will completely move your present life.
(See also bad luck (tar), 'chimney sweep')

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