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Call (calls) can indicate knowledge from the unconscious which often points to real risks in the everyday life. Sometimes one is also drawn the attention to another person whom one should help to overcome a difficult phase. In the traditional interpretation: If one is called in the dream, one gets a 'bad call', if one does not hear on the advice (shouts) of his surroundings.



  • hear himself: you will need help,
  • even: you take care in vain of new friends,
  • others hear: a friend is in danger or seriously ill, - also: it approaches one a bigger job or an important order.

(European ones).:

  • hear a call: soon one will bring a bigger job or an important order in one which is very important
  • hear calling his name: is a matter as a reminder of maintaining his position in the next time particularly, - a distant person urgently asks for one or wants to preserve to one from evil or disaster,
  • his name of strange voices called: one experiences an uncertainty, - strangers will help one or one does not follow to his obligations,
  • hear, yourself: quick death,
  • hear the voice of a friend or relative: if means a heavy illness and maybe death and one becomes then a premouth about somebody, - one should let with this job a lot of circumspection prevail,
  • others: you will get enemies, - announcement of news of some kind,
  • of his / his lovers are called: luck-like sign,
  • if lovers the voice of the lover hear: this is a warning, - one becomes negligent in his allowance and should change this, or it turns out by misunderstandings the separation,
  • hear the voice of deads: if a warning can be before own heavy illness, or losses stand by business misjudgements in the house. (The subconsciousness is an echo of the future and helps itself to the voice of a late forefather because there is no time)
  • before God


  • hear: take before enemies in eight,
  • hear himself: your people are wrong.

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