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In general:

With the oar a boat can be steered and vorwärtstreiben, but successful oars requires something in skill. Hence, the oar is a symbol for the abilities of the dreaming. He has talents which help him 'to navigate' themselves by the life. If the dreaming loses one of his both oars in his dream, this refers to the fact that he has lost an ability which was valuable earlier for him.


Remain in the oar, you have to determine the direction (your life): A request dream which illustrates that a determined, but also well-thought-out application of own strength (and a concrete aim image) is particularly demanded currently.


At this level the oar in the dream can be spiritual tools with leadership qualities.



  • letting you from the aim do not dissuade.

(European ones).:

  • lose one: is for vain strains to realise own plans,
  • a broken one: if means indecision and desperation, - one should undertake no trip, - the realisation of private plans will be delayed,


  • see: you will go on travelling and, finally, you can recover.
(See also paddle)

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