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Association: - portable opinions, - slightly to be carried responsibility, - survive. Question: - What do I easily carry? Are my religious principles portable?

In general:

If the dreaming finds out that he or another dream figure carries a backpack in the dream, then this stands either for 'heavy' feelings, as for example rage or jealousy, or for the resources amassed by him. Backpack can embody charges and obligations round which one lugs with himself by which one is hindered, - one should try to escape of it partially.


This vision can stand for the natural attachment, the simplicity, healthy life-style and strength of the dreaming. However, mostly the backpack means in the dream that the dreaming has to carry in mistakes and wrong decisions which he has committed in his present life hard. He can also show the cabal play behind our back which allows to suffer us psychically. If the backpack is filed in the dream, putting away that is called in the transferred sense what presses on our soul, or recognising of 'the sharpers' who want to intrigue and deceive us. Who believes in rebirth, assumes from the fact that in the backpack that cirque shuffle loads are which one has brought from a former life, nevertheless, in the backpack could be also the talents and skills with which of the dreaming is equipped for the better coping of his life.


At the spiritual level the backpack refers in the dream to qualities which exist outside Themselves, - the dreaming must only learn the contact with them. Depending on how he handles with them, they can affect positively or negatively.



  • see: indicates at a forthcoming trip, - also: you get a mysterious present,
  • see loading with pleasing things as for example provisions: one can hope for a life in the prosperity and satisfaction,
  • carry for heavy ones: one may prepare for discomfort which will load to one in close future.

(European ones).:

  • visit from wide distance, - one will find his highest luck in the distance, far away from friends,
  • carry: Difficulties for the next future will complicate the everyday life,
  • with a woman who sees a ragged backpack stand poverty and differences of opinion before the door.


  • carry: you make a visit,
  • see: you will receive a dear visit.
(See also 'back', 'kit bag')

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