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Association: - Unconsciously, - 'There behind'. Question: - What happens behind my back?

In general:

Back is mostly interpreted in terms of Behind. Under circumstances he symbolises fear of unaware influence or dangers, so everything what happens 'behind the back'. If the dreaming looks in his dream at the back of another person, this one request is to him to deal more urgently with the more personal elements of his character. Maybe he feels vulnerable also by unexpected. If he dreams that he turns towards somebody or a little bit the backs, then this position stands for an exclusion of the feelings which he experiences in the dream.


Not by chance, the saying 'to Somebody comes fall in the back'. In the Siegfried's legend the vulnerable place lay with the back where one sees, as everybody knows, himself nothing. In the Traumsprache the back is valid as a shadow side of the consciousness of the dreaming. The back in the dream points to a danger which comes from the unconscious and can be repaired only hard. The dreaming possibly wants to suppress his own needs or not look at his feelings. He has established the communication with the past and suitable recollections.


At the spiritual level the back in the dream is a request to the dreaming to turn the back to the past and to reject outdated knowledge.


The back and all back body parts are valid in general as a symbol of the age. So some call them appropriately the area Plutons. (The God identified with the Hades of the underworld. Because the earth in which he lives also donates wealth, he is also called Pluton (Pluto = wealth).) in which state they appear to the dreaming, accordingly it will go out to him at the age.



  • in general: To trust blind warning before wrong friends and other, - to lend money or not to hear on advice of competent people,
  • just: You should not humble yourself. This damages to your respect and your success,
  • have a wide or crooked one: your situation is gloomy,
  • bent down: one wants to say you wrong flatteries,
  • in the nude: one will have to lose partly his social position,
  • of somebody get turned: one is envied by being close people around his success and achievements,
  • in the back scratch: Fears will turn out entitled,
  • back pains: You are afraid of a work. Give a hand courageously,
  • on the wall: give you no nakedness towards your enemies.


  • of The backs stands for what avoids our control where we lack the examination, for chance and foreign regulation. In general the back in the dream embodies a warning to give advice or to lend money. This are very thankless duties and can load friendship and human relations with lasting effect. A naked back points to loss of the social position, a back turned to the dreaming on envy directed against him. To see itself from the back an unexpectedly quick solution of old, insolubly seeming problems promises. (Man

(European ones).:

  • fear of the unconscious, - one anticipates the danger, however, she does not recognise,
  • see the own: if nothing good brings,
  • see one: one will see the reverse of a thing or get to know, - also: one will make some interesting discoveries which help one to the success,
  • see a naked one: Promises the loss of influence, - to give advice and to lend money now is dangerous, - illness is often a concomitant,
  • see turning somebody towards one: an old friendship is anew closed,
  • turn somebody towards one and leave: Envy and jealousy will add to a bad person, - opposition and difficulties,
  • promises
  • a person again to one turns round: everything will come again fast to the row.


  • see the own: wretched age,
  • bends: Derision,
  • break: sensitive loss.
(See also discomfort, power, 'body', 'knife')

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