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Red (colour)

Association: - Energy, - strength, - passion. Question: - From which spring do I scoop my energy or strength?

medicine wheel:

Key words: By virtue of, - fearlessness, - energy, - sexuality, - pride, - strong will, - challenge, - thunder bird's clan, - Wabun, eastern guardian of the mind, - moon of the maturing berries. Description: The colour stands Red in the internal circle of the medicine wheel with the thunder bird's clan and the element fire in connection. She becomes related also with Wabun, the eastern guardian of the mind, and with the east. And, finally, is red also the colour totem in the moon of the maturing berries (from the 23rd of July to the 22nd of August) to Born ones. Red is one of the priority colours of the fire, also the colour which one sees in own eyes, after one has looked for a while in the sun. She shows warmth and brings them. Red the sexuality, is associated with the action of the real vitality in all her different aspects, under it also. General meaning: Warmth, - activity, - sexuality, - executive, - excessive pride or will. Association: See red, is furious, - Red as a colour of a political direction, - Red as a colour of the aggression. Transcendent meaning: To rein gift of the element fire, - a warning, pride and will.

In general:

The colour of the blood, fire, passion, sensuousness and vitality. It has something combative, passionate, however, is also a warning colour and signal colour and then points to aggressiveness and Triebhaftigkeit. It is reduced the colour of the love and the mercy. As a symbol of the emotional life she signals devotion or, however, distress, virtue or vice what would be to be read from other symbols of a dream.


Their meaning in the dream depends, in addition, on it in which relation you have 'Red seen'. In a hectic or frightening dream action means Red often aggression, fury and revenge intentions. In any case, symbolises Red an intensive, passionate process or state - in the positive one as well as in the negative sense: It is the colour of the blood, the fire - overpowering (also uncontrollable) sensations. Who has remarkably often 'red dreams', must manage with the outbreaks of his choleric temperament and is warned about impulsive acts: 'All protections would burn through to him it', he is able of over-reactions of all kind which could be for his sphere a reason enough 'to see red'.



  • colour: Luck in dear things,
  • deeply red: you want to see blood, - perhaps also accident.

(European ones).:

  • in the erotic sense always as an expression of the masculinity and passions to understand,
  • as a colour: Symbol for fire, glow, heat,
  • flames: if something means very much good,
  • in the eyes: if brings joy,
  • red-haired people see: a warning before passionate or hot-tempered feelings, - also: one mistrusts a person who means it really well.
(See also blood, colours, clothes)

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