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X-ray picture / X-rays / X-ray machine

Association: - in the inside look, - dangerous energy. Question: - What lies inside? What do I fear to discover if I look under the surface?

In general:

X-rays in the dream can stand for unaware influence to which the dreaming is put out and which he must examine. Power the dreaming even the X-ray, so he should maybe take a certain situation more exactly in inspection. The dream symbol could also express the fear of illness, whether with the dreaming or concerning another person. X-rays can illustrate knowledge which one wins, for example, from the selfresearch. Sometimes she also symbolises the fear of it, exposes and sees through to become.


Because most people were X-rayed already once, the X-ray picture also entered in our dreams. It registers that one would like to get to know a person in the awake life better, - our soul is also often analyzed after shadow sides. Who sees a X-ray of itself, is drawn the attention to mistake which he should eradicate. Possibly there is in the life of the dreaming a matter or situation which he must see through in the literal sense to get on.


At the spiritual level a X-ray in the dream can symbolise a clear view which the dreaming discloses.



  • Being not so anxiously and distrustfully.

(European ones).:

  • see a X-ray picture: the urgent attempt to attain about a little bit a clear picture
  • are X-rayed: a high-powered person tries to draw a secret out of one, - this succeeds, it is for one and the family to the disadvantage,
  • of another see: exactly to know one will get to know believed person suddenly from quite an other side,
  • of itself see: by own mistakes one comes to a disagreeable situation.


  • your investigations will be in vain.

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