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lose weight


Symbol for own, mostly psychic substance loss. One feels thinner and thinner in the dream and thinner, wants to need 'as little as possible place', in order overlook and hardly to be perceived - one remains of other strains and expectations spared. ('Now for it I am anyway too weak.') Also: If one sees losing weight to itself, grief and worries can soon 'live' in one or one gets envy and envy of wrong friends to feel. Or: Own argumentation to a certain problem is quite 'thin'. Possibly one has maybe, however, also the symbolically 'thin' years soon behind himself and increases in respect. The individual consideration in connection with other signs, the personally topical living conditions and the besides appearing feeling - the logos (emitted background identity feeling of the shown dream appearance to be interpreted) is important. Who suffers, however, really from overweight, dreams quite banally his dream: to correspond, finally, to the beauty ideal. The unconscious wants to draw the attention to us to something if it gets to believe the picture of us absolutely foreign dry person in us, - then it wants to show us maybe that it goes other much worse than us, while our prosperity is protected.



  • Nothing good means it if the body loses weight or a single body part, with the exception of the female tongue.
  • Dreaming one which is well with meat he has become thin, everything will go for him to occupation and work squint.
  • Being a single body part losing weight, the dream will come true according to the meaning of the concerning body part for him, - besides, the head calls the superior, the neck the dreaming, the collarbones the concubines, the upper arms the brothers and the narrowest relatives, the scapulas and ribs the wives, the belly the family and the wealth of the dreamer, the thighs his blood relations, - dreams the emperor that his thighs have become thin, indicates at his body servants. The hands point to the closest farm-hand, with an arm on his living. The legs and feet mean his uppermost confidential secretary, to an arm his living to the emperor or a prince.
  • Every body part which is being full, strongly and well with meat means something good according to his respect with the called people.
  • see himself: however, losses also approach health disturbances,
  • others see: to damage a warning, some people not materially, - in the reversal: Tip to the coming prosperity.

(European ones).:

  • indicates hardship, - one should not flee before problems, because by themselves they will not free themselves,
  • other see (dry): The advantage which will be grudged, however,
  • others see losing weight: you gain advantages on foreign costs what one should avoid, - one will soon reach to prosperity,
  • to itself lose weight or see emaciated: loss, quarrel, grief and envious friends threatens you, as well as health disturbances approach,
  • to themselves see becoming thicker: a tip to the coming prosperity.

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