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Pipe pistons

medicine wheel:

Key words: Alike to reed, - food-donating, - restorative, - maintaining, - stimulative, - compensatory, - ground getting, - earth and water, tortoise's clan. Description: The pipe piston, the plant which is associated in the medicine wheel with the Earth or tortoise's clan position of the internal circle has been used by many people close to the earth as a medicine as well as as food. The pipe pistons should strengthen in particular the physical aspect of a person. They are spread in humid areas worldwide. Pipe pistons own sheets similar to sword, long shafts and fruit states which look like small corncobs. They reach a height from up to nine metres. Many people have called pipe piston »supermarket of the wilderness«, because all components can be eaten at certain seasons. An antiseptic and at the same time analgesic effect is repeated after the juice of the plant. General meaning: How you can serve your relatives on the earth, - to feed initial investigation of the waters of your own life, - enlargement of your connection with the energy of the earth, - a desire, others (physically and spiritually). Association: - Transcendent meaning: The energy which deeper reaches in in your dream, - clear understanding for your connection with the earth.

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