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medicine wheel:

Key words: Playfully, - intelligently, - fast. Description: Seals are sea mammals with a long, slender body and a face similar to dog. They have four feet whose toes are connected by swimming skins with each other with which they can hold things and throw. Seals are quick carnivores who reach a speed from up to forty kilometres per hour in the water and own a sort of echo sounder with which they find the way under water. They are voiced and give a typical barking of themselves. They love to throw things and to catch on her nose, and they seem to applaud themselves with her fin-like forelegs themselves. General meaning: The ability, to play and to communicate - to itself applause donate. Association: To seal. Transcendent meaning: Congratulate themselves on a dream, - gift of the selfacceptance and the play. (See seal, animals)

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