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In general:

Most people need rituals in the life - as a mark for changes and rise. They give us a feeling of the security, above all if they are carried out with like-minded people. If we are excluded in the dream, however, from them, we look after confidential feelings of guilt and sense of shame because we have offended against important rules. Ritual points (Ceremonially) mostly to excessive formality and politeness which has solidified to the empty form, - then one should behave again more openly and more sincerely.


Almost always a symbol for the everyday rituals which one 'celebrates' over and over again without thinking about whether they prove one more sense in own life. One can interpret such dreams as a signal from the subconsciousness that one should admit more liveliness and spontaneity in his 'ritual-like expiries'. (See also 'religious pictures', 'ceremony')

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