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In general:

Channel (gutter) stands often for a way out from a mi▀lichen situation or for consolation during the misfortune. However, she can also register that one has lost the orientation in the life and must count, therefore, on difficulties.


Who cleans a gutter, that would like to win in the awake life clear spiritual knowledge which should help him. If the channel is blocked, our endeavours is vain because we reach, nevertheless, nothing and are knocked down, therefore, presently very much. Who holds on in the gutter not to fall from the roof, has inspirations in which he is difficult even if it - wants to stick, but had not necessarily to go.



  • or gutter see or hineinfallen: Grief and grief will strike you.

(European ones).:

  • see one: one has left in a thing the right way,
  • put in: one will find a way out from an apparently hopeless situation.


  • see: you get consolation during your misfortune.
(See also roof, roofing tile)

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