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Association: - Vow, - obligation, - promise. Question: - What want I to unite with?

In general:

A ring in the dream stands normally for a respect - it must not necessarily be a love relationship - which the dreaming has to another person, - now and again they are too narrow and hinder the selfdevelopment. A wedding ring symbolises a lasting connection and a promise. A signet ring or an old heirloom embodies old traditions and values. An engagement ring is a symbol for a not yet detailed loyalty promise. A friendship ring seals the long-term friendship between two people. If one finds a ring, can point to luck in the love or business problems. If one loses the ring, a painful separation often approaches. If one pulls him annoyingly from the finger, one loses what one loves, or makes itself a side jump. If a ring breaks, a connection goes to the breaks.


Every person longs for any form of continuity in his life, after a feeling of sure security. The ring symbolises security, continuity and infinity, because he has no beginning and no end, as well as the connection in a person or a community, also the loyalty with which we stick to once received obligations. Women are fond of connection than men. This also proves the fact that with Mrs. Träume von Ringen very often, with men against it a rarity are. Dreams mostly say something about the connection joy (ring are infectious, a ring in own finger admire) to forget a connection about fear of getting too involved or inability from (a ring does not infuse itself from the finger).


At the spiritual level the ring explains in the dream, just as the circle, eternity and divinity. The ring is a sign of the alliance, a vow, a community or a common talent, without beginning and end.



  • see: forthcoming luck in all situations,
  • several see: different experiences have.
  • from brass: you are swindled out,
  • of copper: Good health and quick recovery,
  • of gold: Wedding and wealth,
  • with stones: Honour and recognition,
  • with pearls: Tears and grief,
  • shop: quick wedding,
  • sell: big marital quarrel,
  • in the finger carry (Single ones): quick wedding,
  • in the finger carry (Married): Disagreements in the marriage,
  • broken: must make themselves on serious disagreements with the following separation calm,
  • throw away: End of love,
  • lose: his relationship solve, - one will lose to esteem for his people, - quarrel and annoyance by faithlessness of the partner, - (4, - 39)
  • find: secret luck unexpectedly comes to the house, - favourable trend in dear problems,
  • receive given: your action manner will be worthwhile, - also: points to the lasting respect with a person, - also: one wants to entice you,
  • give away: your much too big generosity finds no recognition.

(European ones).:

  • care and thorough consideration with the connections to which no big desire is given,
  • see one: if a connection tells to another person in,
  • more golden: if a quick wedding or baptism,
  • promises
  • two nice rings see: if a quick connection or even wedding announces,
  • more broken: announces a death, - means a loyalty break, - also: Quarrel in the marriage or separation for married people,
  • lose: caused (passing) separation of a dear person, - warning before the coming difficulties by a friend or relative, - infidelity of the partner,
  • find: Singles will fall in love, - the dear problems will develop advantageously,
  • are to the finger: warns about a deliberate side jump,
  • carry: one may hope for the fact that new enterprises run successfully,
  • of the finger move: a side jump will have bad results,
  • do not infuse themselves from the finger: indicates big difficulties to let go internally the old partner,
  • receive given: one will find a good friend or companion or a dear wish will come true,
  • give to somebody one: a desired friendship or dear connection does not come about,
  • other with rings see: if an omen is for growing prosperity and many new friends,
  • Getting a young woman in the dream a ring, her worries about the behaviour of her lover soon resolve in air because he will devote himself to her pleasure and her future interests.
  • Dreaming a woman that she has a ring in her right hand looks after them the intention to enter a firm connection with a man.


  • find: Disagreement with your business partner,
  • more iron: your future is anxious, - heavy struggles for existence approach you,
  • shop: you will fall in love,
  • give away: you will become bridegroom (bride),
  • get as a gift: one wants to talk you into something,
  • more golden: for married marriage blessing, for single quick wedding party,
  • very valuable: pleasant future, for single marriage,
  • more broken: Quarrel and separation,
  • lose: Restlessness and sadness, - you will lose in esteem,
  • from ivory: the days become friendlier, - you will be released from a suffering,
(See also wedding ring, wreath)

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