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In general:

The giant in the dream can be a tip that the dreaming with the different feelings comes to the pure one which he looked after as a child towards adult. Adults seemed to him then gigantic and in any manner fear-exciting. Giant often embodies feelings, desires or sexual needs which become overpowering in such a way that one can suppress them no longer. Moreover, he can indicate masculinity, self-esteem and sense of superiority. If one is pursued by him, should promise after old dream books the success in a risky matter. A dream in one a giant is, is typical for person with considerable feeling of inferiority. They keep themselves for unimportant and believe which her people with disdain look down on you. This dream tries to compensate this. If is, however, after all, the wrong way, the dreaming must work on strengthening his self-esteem.


The fairy tale and legends shape is sometimes the father figure who allows to knuckle under to us because we simply do not speak against him and his size (: Wisdom) come. With some giants is not well cherries eat, - they warn about an instinctual life which threatens to break the banks. The giants who are to be seen only shadowy in a vision can point to gigantic shops by which one can make superprofits. In the fight with him not the body strength or the mind matters, but only the fact to find the right solution at the right time intuitively. This vision points to the intuition which is helpful with the mind together. They show in dreams often, however, also the feeling of the fury, especially male fury.


At the spiritual level the giant symbolises an original form of the power in the dream.



    then you have
  • Fighting your inferiority complex, success. - see: wonderful things experience, - promises good shops if one knows how to make to himself some people friends from whom then help is to be expected, - - be even one: your wishes exceed your horizon.


  • to dream, one is a giant, is a warning before adventurous enterprises, selfoverestimation and megalomania: The dreaming could be about to commit a mistake not to be made up. In any other form tells to dream of giants that the person concerned can overcome his fears if he has himself under control. (Man

(European ones).:

  • old symbol of the man, - the instinctual life becomes stronger and stronger,
  • see one: Monetary profit and luck in all enterprises, - one will achieve bigger success, - if one succeeds in making people friends from whom one can expect help, a big deal will succeed very well, - also: A rival appears who seems stronger than he is. With feeling and mind one will know how to hit him.
  • suddenly before emergent: there will be with the opponents a big quarrel,
  • he interrupts
  • the trip of one: one is overpowered by an enemy,
  • are threatened by one or are pursued: a risqué enterprise will succeed,
  • to one have to the friend or assistant: promises a big external success,
  • he runs away before: Health and luck are on own side.


  • see: only in the distance you have luck,
  • be: Inheritance.
(See also 'demons', 'angels')

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