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We understand by the directions in the dream: on top - below, to the right of - on the left, in front - behind, forward - backward, the directions etc. these basic directions return the symbolic order of the space in the dream. Besides, the contrast appears on top - below often with stairs, lifts, streets and ways. Right and left also deal often with streets and ways with which one must decide on a direction. Four directions seem more seldom in the dream, although they stamp indirectly often a dream. With every place and every scenery of which you dream, there appear these directions which become often apparent Only to some extent in a 4 division. Thus a younger client dreamt of a big place with many pigeons. When suddenly a shot was to be heard, the pigeons flew away in four directions. Only with more exact inquiry the dreaming remembered that these directions stuck together, indeed, at right angles. What do the different directions indicate? There is in the dream always a left and right side and often also On top and Below. Pay attention always to where dream-I comes and where it to himself hinwendet. Especially clearly the sides become in the dream if we must decide on a direction, like in the typical dream situation in which one reaches to a crossroad and turns then to the right or on the left. Or if one must decide in the dream whether one goes now to the valley or on the mountain. Not only in these situations the different sides play a role, but also with every dream object which shows two or more different sides. Besides, they should always ask themselves from which side you feel drawn.



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