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Authority's person


Now and then we meet in our dreams authority's figures. They are as a rule peremptory shapes which appear in the dream to instruct us and to lead, and try to force us her will. The first authority's people who step in our life are the parents, and a lot of dream authority's symbols are due also to the deeply scalloped recollections of this - even if they often appear as a priest, judge, kings / queens or headmasters. Parents seem for usual not as themselves in authority's dreams. The appearance of this person, therefore, in the dream is sometimes a fear symbol since the childhood. She can represent the fear of the soul to fail. With this always returning dream one should find out the cause and look at the occupational world critically. Perhaps, one should search for himself a new authority. These shapes sometimes remind us of duties or of our responsibility which we would rather forget, for example, compared with the general public. If appears, however, in the dream somebody which one knows, he is meant mostly also directly. However, such people bring no messages from the subconsciousness, but are only projections of the characters to which they are actual. If a ceremonious cardinal or a strict dictator appears, nevertheless, the subconscious contacts with it and informs with it of an aspect of the personality what one knows, actually, anyway, but maybe does not want to admit. Authority's people in the dream can have all sorts of shape, from the traffic policeman and map controller up to the captain, ambassador, landlords or prophets. Nevertheless, the message delivered by them is more importantly, because this is significant not only for a problem, but for the whole life of the dreamer. (See also dictator, person)

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