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In general:

Revolution is a radical and forcible change of the states. A revolutionary dream requires reflexion what needs in the real life of dramatic change. A personal quality which one must file quickly and radically? Or must something be changed privately or professionally? The origin and the propelling strength of revolutions is, as everybody knows, a big rage. The dream would like to fire presumably also to get a valve the pent-up annoyance.


With the revolution in the dream the unconscious rebels against a deliberate state which urgently asks for change. She can also show a change which starts by a mental-spiritual development. She can demand considerable victims and the exit is uncertain. We should read from other symbols which kind the reasons are for the uprising.



  • you is too good-natured, this irritates your enemies to new turpitudes.

(European ones).:

  • see one: tells sudden and unexpected events in which intervene annoyingly in the regulated life way, - as a warning dream the announcement of big political events, riots etc.
  • take part: means that one will reach by force nothing at all, - one causes disturbances of the regulated life way by self-started disputes.
(See also rebel)

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