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In general:

The dream of a lifeboat could be a tip that the dreaming means to have to be released - maybe from own stupidity or from the circumstances which he cannot control. If the dreaming is at the wheel of the lifeboat, he controls his life, nevertheless, must think maybe about how he can offer his help to other people. Because the sea symbolises deep feelings in the dream, the lifeboat can support the dreaming maybe, besides to handle better with his feelings.


Because a lifeboat requires some degree of the devotion of the crew members, the dreaming should be possibly drawn the attention to the fact that he must practice unselfish devotion in his life. Maybe with the dream also skills are emphasised which he needs to navigate himself by the difficulties in the life.


At the spiritual level the lifeboat signals in the dream that the dreaming can be 'saved' only by more knowledge and by bigger Wei▀heit.



  • Thinking not only to you and one will owe it you.

(European ones).:

  • see: the friends will be able to count on,
  • sit in one: one will escape from a menacing evil,
  • a sinking one: Friends will add to a grief,
  • in only on high sea be: stands for worries in which the friends have a certain portion, - one is saved: one will well get over a big evil,
  • one pull ashore: one must count on difficulties.
(See also boat)

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