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Probably he sends a reminder before superfluous expenditures and to the restraint in the day events. In general machines symbolise the processes in the everyday routine which can be made easier by adaptable action. Also they can announce that one will rather simply reach an intention. Who dreams of being even a machine and of spitting out some objects, should recognise by the fact that his life exists almost only more of rigid habits and 'to automatic reactions' - he functions only more 'according to demand', and imagination as well as a more intensive emotional life have remained on the distance. Often a utopia dream, so a warning dream! Slot machines are a symbol for 'rest in the strain' - you also need in the spare time stress to feel active and alive.



  • (with a machine deal, him see, deal with him): you love the comfort.
  • see: without trouble no money comes to you to the pocket.

(European ones).:

  • more functioning: everything goes well,
  • more defective: Stockungen stamp in it, in the business, with enterprises, travelling etc.,-
  • vending machine see: a pleasant relief approaches,
  • stamp machine: to do a thing in goodness brings only a partial success.
  • slot machine: A warning! It could mean lack of money. One cares to spend not a lot of money at the moment.


  • machines buffet: it would be right not to handle with the money so frivolously.

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