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Racing cuckoo

medicine wheel:

Key words: Strongly, - diligently, - speed, - courage, - magic, - confusion with regard to the direction. Description: The racing cuckoo, a popular symbol in the southwest of the United States, is a bird with long tail and short round wings which do not allow to him to fly especially high. Hence, the bird stays mostly on the ground and runs with pleasure and very fast with forwards outstretched head and the remaining body in a parallel position to the ground. Racing cuckoos mostly live in the steppe areas in which also the North American sagebrush grows, although they sometimes seem also in a little bit higher situated regions. The toes of the racing cuckoo are so formed that they leave impression x in the ground, which the statement the treacly power in which direction her run led. The birds dispose of big strength and perseverance. They are courageous enough to tangle also with rattlesnakes. They are valid as a news bearer between magicians. General meaning: Growing strength and perseverance, - knowledge about your courage, - that against which you position yourself for which you exert yourself. Association: The cuckoo's egg - one which lays only his eggs in foreign nests and makes off then without standing to his action. Transcendent meaning: A crossroad, a time, in the patience is necessary.

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